Mamat Sallah

Artiste photographe - Gambie
Titre : Around Us I&II


33cm X 100cm


Digital Prints (photography)

Présentation de l'artiste

Mamat Sallah was born on 18th February, 1980 in Banjul and a New Media artist from The Gambia. He is presently worked with National Centre for Arts and Culture as the Assistant Director for Museums and Monuments. He is a trained qualified Teacher and works with media as photography, painting, animation, film and graphic design.
Graduated from the Graduate School of New Media Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), Taipei, Taiwan, his recent exhibitions include Around Us (2014) solo exhibition in 1839 Little Gallery in Taipei. Another exhibition was The Beginning of Animation Art (2013, an animation work entitled Gigain (Women) in Taipei Digital Art Centre, Taiwan

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